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Chatham County Tax Office

Chatham County Application for Service on the Board of Equalization & Review

If you are a Chatham County resident, at least 18 years old, and are willing to volunteer your time and expertise to your community, please complete form as fully as possible.

During revaluation years, this position will require attending many meetings in April and May. It does not meet as often during non-revaluation years. The next revaluation is slated for 2021.

IMPORTANT:  Applicants must live in Chatham County for at least two years prior to appointment, have knowledge about real estate matters, own real estate property in the county and have good moral character. Unlike many county committees, members are paid a stipend of $15 per hour. 

Full Name

Full Address



NOTE:  You must own property in Chatham County. If you do not own the residence listed above, please provide the full address for other property in the county that you own.

Are you currently serving on another board or committee in Chatham County?


We ask your help in assuring the diversity of membership on our boards and committees.  This section is optional, and you may leave it blank.


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